Ireland Introduces Impressive 5-Year Multi-Entry Visa Alternative

The Irish Department of Justice has declared the expansion of the 5-year multi-entry short-stay visa option to encompass all countries requiring a visa.

This 5-year multi-entry short-stay visa allows eligible individuals from visa-required countries to submit a single application. This pathway is particularly designed for those who frequently visit Ireland for business or family reasons. If the visa is approved, it covers multiple travels over a period of five years.

Until now, Ireland has provided multi-entry visas for durations of 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years. The 5-year multi-entry visa was initially introduced in 2019, exclusively available to Chinese passport holders. However, this eligibility is now extended to include nationals of all visa-required countries.

Under certain conditions, business travelers with no prior travel history to Ireland may also qualify for a multi-entry visa. It’s important to note that a multi-entry visa allows the holder to travel to Ireland on numerous occasions within the specified dates on the visa.

While the standard single-entry visa option remains available, the approval of a multi-entry visa is subject to the discretion of the relevant Visa Officer, as is the case with all visa applications.